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    Patapoom will soon go on vacation the end of August when all orders will be delivered, but the site will remain open during this period.

    We will return in October with new products. We wish good holidays to all the little kids

  • 4 Review(s)

    PICOTINIn clear plastic, so sweet and so noisy hmmm.... Crédit photo : ABhunnies

  • MAYLYA This adorable dress "Maya" is specially made for little girls size adult who kept their minds of small children Crédit photo : ABhunnies

  • DaoA shortalls to play outside Crédit photo : ABhunnies

  • 2 Review(s)

    Trainoo Trainoo is a very comfortable onesie Crédit photo : ABhunnies

  • 2 Review(s)

    ZARAA delight for the eyesBaby plays, rolling on the ground in his park, he drools ... ZARA is the apron he needs. Cut a small ultra-short dress, closed the back pressure by four special baby clothes "Titoo" just shoves, or just on baby diapers and pants, or over his little underwear. Crédit photo : ABhunnies

  • Baby finally its footed sleeper DOMINI! Adorable, soft, sweet, beautiful, and extremely "baby", is THE DOMINO sleeper we expected to dress up Baby!

  • 1 Review(s)

    Babyboom Really cute baby cute, This pajamas is really suitable, even with extremely thick diapers, Baby really comfortably dressed in his pajamas... BABY BOOM is THE essential Baby pajamas for a good warm night or during nap in the afternoon Not to be missed, really!